UCSF Fresno Hildebrand Medical Library eNewsletter

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Fall 2022

In this issue:
1.) Medical Library Staff Returned to On-Site Work
2.) Library Renovations & Closure
3.) The MakersLab @UCSF Fresno
4.) Library Workshop Series

Medical Library Staff Returned to On-Site Work  

In April 2022, the library staff returned to on-site work. Feel free to stop by for drop-in reference/consulting interviews or for a tour of the many library renovations and resources. Or just stop by to say hello! Consultations, training, and one-on-one research sessions are available upon request.   

Contact a Librarian at [email protected]  

Library Renovations & Closure

The Hildebrand Medical Library is continuing improvements with the upcoming installation of sound masking (white noise speakers) throughout the library. This will enable the library to provide a more comfortable environment for all users. The library will be closed for installation on Monday, August 15, 2022 and we anticipate re-opening on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

Other renovations in the works are the inclusion of welcoming graphics, informational signage and full-functioning workroom for library staff. We hope you are able to stop in and enjoy the artwork depicting the "The Future of Medicine in the San Joaquin Valley" by Dr. Alfredo Ponce, internationally-known artist and local educator from Fresno County. 

The MakersLab @UCSF Fresno

The MakersLab @UCSF Fresno, modeled after the UCSF MakersLab at the main campus, will offer opportunities to explore new technologies and to cultivate wellness. It will also provide an environment for the introduction of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)—an educational framework based on research in the learning sciences, that guides the development of flexible learning environments and learning spaces that can accommodate individual learning differences.   

The menu of offerings will include modalities to support clinical education with topics such as 3D printing and scanning, and virtual reality. Wellness workshops will include button making, needlecraft, basic sewing, and the use of a Cricut Cutting machine which allows die-cuts to be made from almost any type of material.  These crafting workshops allow creativity to flourish and provide the opportunity to engage with others. The concept of Makers Labs within educational institutions have been gathering places for collaboration and innovation for many years, supporting wellness and education by providing innovative learning opportunities, preventing burnout, and minimizing stress.

Join us for our first official Makers Lab offering: Rock Painting Pop-Up Session
Take a break from work and get creative decorating rocks with paint pens and bonding with your colleagues.
For more information, click here

3D Scanning & Printing
As part of the MakersLab, 3D Scanning and Printing will be a new service offered to our UCSF Fresno Community. Mr. Noel Sandoval was hired as UCSF Fresno's Education Technology Integrator, to support all 3D scanning and printing projects that are requested. Noel has an indepth knowledge of technology and excellent people skills. For projects related to 3D printing, email Noel at [email protected]

Library Workshop Series  

In September 2022, the Library Workshop Series will resume, covering topics such as:  

  • Overview of Library Services
  • Intro to PubMed
  • Copyright Basics
  • Predatory Publishing
  • UCSF Fresno Profiles

Workshops will be offered via Zoom. For more information on workshops the library can provide, please visit: https://fresnolibrary.ucsf.edu/menu
To view our current workshop calendar, click here!


For questions, contact library staff or email the Hildebrand Medical Librarians: [email protected] 

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