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The library staff offers the following workshops to our UCSF Fresno community. All workshops are offered via zoom at this time. If your department is interested in scheduling a workshop, please email [email protected]

Please view our workshop menu by clicking on each of the categories below.

Informational Workshops

Overview of Library Services at UCSF Fresno

How to Effectively Manage Your Department's Informational Resources

Building my Faculty Presence using UCSF Profiles and LinkedIn

What is a UCSF Profile and Why Do I Need this? 

Understanding Copyright and Fair Use 

Publishing Workshops

Publishing: How to Get Started 

The Benefits of Open Access Publishing 

Why I need an OrcidID if I plan to Publish and Research

Predatory Publishing: What you need to know!

Research Workshops

What Research Resources are Available to Me?

What types of Medical Literature Databases are Accessible to Me? 

How to Conduct Effective Evidenced-based Medical Literature Searches

Managing My Medical Literature (My NCBI, Zotero, EndNote, etc.)

Using Zotero as a Reference Manager

PubMed for Beginners (primary vs. secondary, etc.)

PubMed for Intermediate to Advanced Users

What is a Systematic Review and When Would I Need This?

Statistical Software: How to Use SPSS 

Statistical Software: How to Use R