Hildebrand Medical Library


Library Computers

There are four computers available to UCSF Fresno residents, faculty and staff. There are also three computers available for public use and for CMC patrons. All computers are part of the UCSF Fresno network which provides them full access to UCSF licensed resources. 

Library Printer

Printer access is available for UCSF Fresno residents, faculty and staff.

Remote Access to UCSF Licensed Resources

To access UCSF licensed resources remotely, you must have UCSF Affiliate access and login through your MyAccess account. If you need to sign up for a MyAccess account, contact the UCSF main campus service desk: 415-514-4100, press * (asterisk). You will need to provide your UCSF employee ID number and the last four digits of your social security number. You may also access UCSF licensed resources by installing the EZproxy Bookmarklet. For more information, please visit this link.

Alternative Access to Retrieving Licensed Resources

If you are trying to access non-UCSF licensed resources or you are a non-UCSF Affiliate, please visit this link for alternative ways to access published articles.